Domestic Dehydrators

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The Best Food Dehydrators for Every Home Cook With food dehydrators, you can easily make snacks like beef jerky, fruit leather, or oil-less potato chips, or dry herbs like rosemary or thyme with lightyears more flavour than the stuff you'd buy in jars. It's also an excellent tool for experimenting with seasoning salts, innovative new popcorn toppings, and something called pickle powder. Oh yeah, they're also simple to operate, a great way to preserve bulk purchases, and can cost as little as $60.. Food dehydrators, also called food dryers, are electric appliances that you can use to dry out food at home. Depending on the dehydrator type, the units can look like a large metal box or a smaller plastic cylinder. All dehydrators contain a heating element, a fan to circulate the hot air around food, removing moisture inside it, a ventilation system to allow steam to escape, and stacked trays on which the food is placed. Don't waste time with plastic, disk dehydrators that you can find on Amazon. Its a waste of time as the dehydration times are as good as a wooden box with a lightbulb in it. we offer a 16 Tray dehydrator that will get the best results with the best value and free shipping. Check out the dehydrator accessories for non-stick mats that make the dehydration process much easier. Here is some testimonila from our customers "I've been smoking and drying meats for a long time. I decided I wanted to upgrade from the dehydrator I owned to something that would kick some serious heinie. This Benchfoods dehydrator was the best ."